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Industrial Servers & Storage

Industrial server and storage series include multiple server rack and custom servers to ensure reliability, capacity expansion and easy deployment. Server series include Server MB, Server Chassis, GPU Servers and storage series include External Disk Arrays, JBOD and Storage Servers.

Product Categories

  • Disk Expansion Enclosure

    The disk expansion enclosure series featuring DAS and JBOD enclosure to help various industrial applications. The direct attached storage helps to control multiple independent disks simultaneously at a relatively lower cost.

  • Nvidia GPU cards

    Nvidia GPU cards enable processor card and graphical card for your AI/VR ready application. Nvidia not only support hardware GPU card but allows you to leverage their library to build your programing.

    • Nvidia NVS GPU cards

      NVIDIA® NVS™ graphics boards deliver everything you need to drive any kind of multi-display installation for your business.
    • Nvidia Quadro GPU cards

      Powerful, efficient visualization. Professionals trust them to deliver the best possible experience with solutions for Telecommunications, Medical, Scientific Imaging, Casino Gaming and Surveillance
    • Nvidia Tesla GPU cards

      GPU-accelerated computing is the use of a graphics processing unit (GPU) together with a CPU to accelerate deep learning, analytics, and engineering applications.
  • Storage Server

    The storage server series featuring NVMe server, all flash server and high-density server with exceptional I/O capability. Serving as NAS, our storage server has fault-tolerant and hot expansion capability via JBOD. Our IStorge achieve enterprise reliability and availability.

  • External Disk Array

    Advantech provide External Disk Array in storage area network (SAN) to access to consolidated, block level data storage. The External Disk Array series have the reliability for surveillance and high-availability zero down time.

  • GPU Server

    GPU Server is a deep learning server offering parallel computing power and networking flexibility. The GPU-accelerated computing takes advantage of the parallel architecture for compute-intensive tasks, while the rest of the application code runs on the CPU.

  • Sunucu Tipi Anakart

    Endüstriyel kaliteli sunucu anakartlari yüksek güvenirlik ve uzun süreli bir ürün tedarik dönemi saglar.

  • 1U Chassis

    The 1U chassis support multiple configurations include SATA hard drives, rackmount chassis and redundant power supply that fulfill server-grade IPC standard. The 1U chassis series with the cooling fans design to deliver non-stop operation.

  • Sunucu Kasalari

    Kritik görevler üstlenen endüstriyel uygulamalarda kullanilmak üzere tasarlanmis, 2U/4U yüksekliginde, büyük depolama kapasitesi ve yedekli güç kaynagi saglayan, saglam sunucu kasasi

  • 3U Chassis

    3U chassis supports comes in 3U 16 Bay and wide selection of single and redundant power supply. 3U chassis provides surveillance storage and short-depth design that saves spaces and can be stored in tower, rackmount and wallmount.

  • 4U Chassis

    4U chassis comes in 4U 24 Bay provides enhanced storage capacity and redundant power supplies. With Multi-core processor and 8 hot-swap hard drive cages, 4U chassis offers 4U tower/rackmount server chassis designed for EATX serverboards.

  • Tower Chassis

    The tower chassis series are IPC chassis featuring enhanced storage and high efficiency power supplies beneficial to Industrial server and application such as AOI. Tower chassis designed for micro-ATX / ATX / EATX serverboards to perform critical tasks.

  • Video Wall Controller

    Video wall controller is designed for broadcasting and applications in video wall server and digital display. Our video wall solution also features smart fan speed control for remote video wall server and digital display management.

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