Since its foundation in 1997, Advantech Foundation has taken industry/academic cooperation, and innovative learning/ talent discovery as its core belief. In all activities held by the foundation, TiC100 is the earliest, largest, most famous and most successful.

Since its start-up in 1999, TiC100 has changed from an entrepreneur competition to an innovative business model application competition, and its purpose has also changed from realizing students' entrepreneurial dreams, to directing them how to learn to effectively integrate resources, connect to business, build an innovative business model, provide solutions to problems encountered by local industry, and at the same time, let them get real marketing experience, in the hope of making TiC100 the best communication and cooperation platform between industry and academia.

In addition, TIC100 will develop a communication competition between young students in Taiwan and Mainland China, in order to create more cooperative and competitive opportunities for them and enable them to experience multi-cultural communication and decision-making.

Advantech thinks the multi-interactions between business and schools, and industry/academia will be the trend for the future knowledge society, and an important mission for Advantech in the future too. We hope our input will strike a chord in society, business and education, and cause a "butterfly effect", throughout Taiwan society, break the apathy, and discover all the possibilities for individuals and society.

TiC100 innovative competition: