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Featured Post

SQFlash Data Security Functions

WhitePaper | 3.28.2019
Advantech SQFlash has developed many features for data security software on storage devices such as Write Protect, Security ID, Flash Vault, Flash lock, and Quick Erase. These functions can be set through hardware configuration or software settings with a user-friendly interface for data security enhancement.

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  • 3D NAND Flash with Advanced ECC Technology for Industrial Application

    WhitePaper 3.28.2019
    The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of NAND flash management technology. The first section gives a brief overview of NAND flash types. The later sections introduce how Advantech SQFlash NAND flash management technology enhances storage devices to meet the demands for high capacity, h...
  • SQFlash Intelligent SSD Self-Management

    WhitePaper 3.28.2019
    To reduce the risk of data corruption/loss and ensure data access, Advantech developed its SQFlash Utility and WISE-PaaS/DeviceOn platform to help customers implement S.M.A.R.T. specifications, predict product lifespans, and remotely monitor system status in real-time using a simple graphical user i...
  • Designing NVMe SSD for Industrial Applications

    WhitePaper 1.10.2019
    SSD performance is one of the biggest considerations when designing industrial applications. SSD technology is still evolving from PATA to SATA and the speed of its interface continues to increase. The PCIe interface appeared in the market almost at the same time as SATA 3.0 Gbps (Gen. 2) became pop...
  • Equipment Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance

    Case Studies Advantech | 10.5.2018
    By developing and implementing a preventive maintenance model, the hi-tech companies safeguard operations of their facilities, protect their costly components and semi-finished products, avoid unnecessary downtime and reduce maintenance costs; their ultimate goals are to improve both throughput and...
  • Advantech DPX-E140 Powered by AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000

    Video 7.16.2018
    Koen Stomph addressed the key features of DPX-E140 gaming platform. See how the Advantech DPX-E140 powered by the AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 runs a fully-equipped gaming slot machine.
  • Tourist Information System

    Case Studies Advantech | 7.9.2018
  • Capability: Curved Display

    Video 6.28.2018
    Advantech curved display technology is available with a variety of radius of concave or convex surface such as 1500R or 800R to create an immersive viewing experience. Packaged together with an industrial grade video card and power supply, our solution is available with standard video inputs and can...
  • Capability: Optical Bonding Solutions

    Video 6.28.2018
    Optical bonding technology is to inject optical glue into the space between a cover glass/ a touch screen and the LCD panel to enhance the readability and durability. Advantech develops both Wet Bond and Dry Bond technologies for customers’ different needs using proprietary materials and process in...
  • Capability: High Brightness Solution

    Video 6.28.2018
    To withstand strong ambient light in the external environment, high brightness solution is required. With in-house LED light bar design and optical films, our solution can boost brightness up to 2000 nits with a low-power backlight source saving about 20% less energy than competing products with the...
  • 1U THIN Embedded PC for Key Duplication System

    Case Studies EPC | 6.20.2018
  • Interactive Vending Machine

    Case Studies EPC | 6.20.2018
  • Domain Focused Solution for Robotic Applications

    Case Studies esbc | 6.13.2018
  • Enhancing the Customer Experience with Self-ordering Kiosks

    Case Studies advantech | 6.11.2018
    Self-ordering kiosks are becoming more prevalent in quick service restaurants (QSR) for their easy access menus that ensure prompt order processing at peak times. They increase the overall speed of service and improve the customer experience and satisfaction. Many of the major QSR players have deplo...
  • COM Server Grade WhitepaperServer-Grade Performance Computer-on-Modules:COM Express Based on Int...

    WhitePaper 6.1.2018
    Server-Grade Performance Computer-on-Modules:COM Express Based on Intel® Xeon® Solution
  • IoT Gateway Solution for Smart Street Lighting System

    Case Studies advantech | 5.17.2018
  • Enabling Wind Farm Remote Monitoring System and Control Room

    Case Studies Advantech | 5.11.2018
    With ample land and wind resources, China tops the world in wind power generation in terms of installed capacity as a result of governmental policy support and heavy investment. However, as many of their wind farms are located in remote deserts or wildernesses with poor communications, designing and...
  • Realizing Hotel Intelligent Control and Centralized Management System

    Case Studies Advantech | 5.11.2018
    Taiwan’s Intelligent Cloud Plus is an experienced SI company having worked in several industrial fields. Recently, they received arequest from an old hotel business in southern Taiwan for a big renovation project that would upgrade the building into a modernsmart hotel.
  • UTX-3117 IoT Gateway for Solar Power

    Case Studies UTX-3117 | 5.9.2018
  • Upgrading City Buses with Smart Ticketing and Fleet Management Systems

    Case Studies | 4.13.2018
    A rapid change in intelligent transportation has occurred worldwide. The whole industry is hungry for technological advancement. Many companies are being held back by limitations in infrastructure such as on-board payment systems and surveillance systems. Our client is one of the most important bus...
  • Versatile Embedded Computer for Efficient Marine Communication

    Case Studies | 4.13.2018
    Good marine communication is vitally important for ensuring the safety of ships and crew. Ever since the use of semaphores and flags in the old days, to radio signals and satellites later on, the maritime industry has gone through a long history of applying advanced technologies and tools to enable...
  • Robotic Manufacturing for Automobiles

    Case Studies | 4.13.2018
    The automotive industry has seen the biggest users of automated robotic systems in the manufacturing sector. Large robotic arms with high payload capabilities and long reach move freely to spot weld car body panels, install windshields or mount wheels, while smaller robots are used to weld and mount...
  • Highly Reliable & Rich Expansion Design for Nerve Monitor

    Case Studies ESBC | 2.27.2018
    A nerve integrity monitor is widely used in various procedures to transform laryngeal muscle activity into audible and visual electromyographic (EMG) signals. It enables surgeons to identify, confirm, and monitor motor nerve functions to help reduce the risk of nerve damage during surgical procedure...
  • Advantech UTX-3117 Multi-Connectivity IoT Gateway

    Video 2.5.2018
    Advantech UTX -3117 is a plug & play IoT gateway to simplify your deployment with multi-connectivity and IoT software integration which is ideal for smart city, smart energy and industry 4.0.
  • Intelligent Fleet/Logistics Management Based on Azure Cloud Services

    Case Studies Microsoft Azure | 1.30.2018
    Advantech and Microsoft, with their rich experience and expertise in their respective competitive advantages in hardware and software, have joined efforts in providing a tightly integrated hardware and software platform for intelligent logistics/fleet management.
  • COM-Express Basic (125x95 mm)

    COM-Express güncel COM standardi olup 125mm x 95mm boyutlar, PCIe grafik, PCIe, PCI, SATA ve SDVO gibi yeni, yüksek hizli arayüzleri içeren form faktörüdür.
  • 3.5" Islemci Kartlari

    486'dan Core Duo islemci seviyesine kadar destekleyen, fansiz, küçük boyutlu, düsük güç gereksinimli, yüksek performans tek kartli bilgisayarlar farkli gereksinimleri karsilar.
  • Modül Tipi Bilgisayar (COM: Computer-on-Module)

    Advantech RTX (RISC Technology eXtended) endüstri uygulamalarindaki daha küçük formlu bir RISC Modül tipi Bilgisayar (COM) standardi olarak yeni nesil kompakt gömülü bilgisayar uygulamalari için ideal bir form faktörüdür. RTX form faktörü üreticilere son derecede kompakt olmasina ragmen tam olarak bütünlesik bir COM ...
  • MicroATX Anakartlar

    MicroATX anakartlar sadece 244 x 244 mm boyutlarinda olup dörtten az yuva kullanan, boyut/maliyet duyarli gömülü uygulamalar için çok uygundur. Gömülü MicroATX anakartlar, gömülü ATX anakartlar gibi yüksek bütünlesme saglarlarken daha az yer kaplarlar.Dengeli performans ve genisleyebilirlikleri sayesinde Mini ITX ve tam ...
  • ARK-1000 Serisi Ultra Kompakt Gömülü Endüstriyel PC

    ARK-1000 serisi gömülü IPC'ler dayaniklilik gerektiren ve alan kisitlamasi olan uygulamalar için tasarlanmis, çok kompakt, güçlü ve fansiz sistemlerdir. Bu seri sistem bütünlestiricilere Advantech SoC™ islemcilerden Intel® Core™ 2 Duo düzeyine uzanan islemciler, çok sayida Gigabit Ethernet'ten kablosuz ag arayüzlerine ve ...
  • ARK-2000 series : Easy I/O Flexibility Fanless Embedded Computers

    ARK-2000 series is an industrial modular embedded computer with rich I/O, high flexibility and easy PCIe expansion capabilities, featuring wide-input power ranges, wide temperature ranges and structural strengthening.
  • Industrial Display Kit

    Advantech Industrial Display Kit series provide 5.7"~31.5" industrial LCD panels, outdoor displays and touch screen panels which support sunlight readable and resistive touch functions, and all work well with all Advantech embedded platforms. Customization services are also provided.
  • Kablosuz Modüller

    Advantech Kablosuz Modül Çözümleri, gömülü dikey uygulamalara uygun bir toplam çözüm paketi olarak çok yönlü modüllerle, kullanima hazir yazilimi birlestirir. Advantech Kablosuz Modülleri, sistem bütünlestirici ve endüstriyel PC saticilarinin ek kablosuz iletisim seçeneklerini kendi sistem yada kart seviyesi ...
  • Depolama Modülleri

    Advantech Depolama Modülleri çok yönlü USB flas depolama ortamlarini gelismis yönetim yazilimlariyla birlestirerek gömülü uygulamalar için toplam bir çözüm olusturur. Advantech Depolama Modülleriyle, sistem bütünlestiriciler ve endüstriyel bilgisayar üreticileri sistem yada uygulamalarina güvenlik, yedekleme ve kurtarma ...
  • Gömülü Yazilim

    Advantech gömülü yazilim paketleri "Microsoft Windows Gömülü Teknolojisi Advantech platformlari ile birlikte yasam kalitesini artirir". Müsteriler projelerine teknik destek için birden fazla tedarikçiyi (donanim tedarikçisi, sistem bütünlestirici, gömülü isletim sistemi dagiticisi) aramak zorunda kalmaz.
  • Mini-ITX Anakartlar

    Mini-ITX anakartlar sadece 170 x 170 mm boyutlarinda, zengin islevsellik ve güvenirlik saglamak üzere tasarlanmistir. Yüksek düzeyde bütünlestirilmis Mini-ITX platformlari 100 wat'tan düsük güç tüketimi özellikleri olup sadece bir temel genisleme yuvasi içerirler. bir ayak izi zengin islevsellik ve güvenilir performansi ...