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Lossless Video over-IP Solution at the Erasmus University Hospital Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Case Studies By Advantech | 3.14.2019
AEU Case Study sharing

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  • Real Time Location System (RTLS) for Hospital

    Video 1.4.2019
    RTLS for Hospital
  • Phoenix Technology Group Partners with Advantech for Support in the Development of a Revolutiona...

    Case Studies Phoenix Technology Group | 5.29.2018
    Established in 2007 by Bert Massie, inventor of the first wide-angle, hand-held digital camera for pediatric retinal imaging, Phoenix Technology Group is an imaging solutions provider based in California. As a pioneer of the retinal imaging technology market, with two established product lines targe...
  • Advantech AIM-55 tablet for diverse hospital applications

    Video 5.3.2018
    Advantech's AIM-55 is a medical-grade tablet that features a stylish appearance and advanced computing technologies to provide a superior device for mobile computing in healthcare environments.
  • Advantech Intelligent Hospital Solution Video

    Video 5.3.2018
    Discover Advantech iHospital solutions from intelligent outpatient services, quality nursing care, integrated operating room to green hospital. Advantech helps hospital managers to provide high-tech while patient-centered experience.
  • Advantech Kostec Medical-Grade Monitors

    Video 5.3.2018
    Advantech Kostec combines the best of industrial computing experience with professional imaging techniques and expertise. Providing surgical, diagnostic and clinical monitors, these medical-grade monitors are designed for precise imaging and maximum patient safety.
  • Whitepaper: Requirements for Medical Display

    WhitePaper 8.30.2017
    Medical imaging involves the use of technologies such as x-ray, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and computed tomography (CT) to visualize patients’ physical and functional attributes for diagnostic and treatment purposes. Because clear and consistent images are crucial to making accur...
  • Advantech’s All-in-One Infotainment Terminal Adopted by Response Care to Provide a Multifunction...

    Case Studies Advantech | 6.27.2017
    In recent years, as members of the baby boomer generation, defined as people born between 1946 and 1964, begin to reach retirement age in large numbers, countries worldwide are facing unprecedented challenges related to a rapidly aging population. According to a report published by Forbes, in the U....
  • Austco Adopts Advantech’s HIT-W121 for IP Nurse Call Solution

    Case Studies Advantech | 6.27.2017
    Hospital beds in acute-care settings are typically equipped with nurse call buttons, pull cords, or intercoms at the head of the bed to allow patients or bedside caregivers to alert nurses or other remote care staff members of their need for assistance. However, occasionally, due to human negligence...
  • Mobil Klinik Asistani

    Advantech'in mobil klinik asistani (MCA) ürünü Intel MCA (MCA: Mobile Clinical Assistant ) referans mimarisinin sagladigi ve Intel'in etnografik arastirmalari, hastane is akisi analizleri ve saglik profesyonelleriyle yaptigi istisarelerden olusan katma degerleri sektöre sunar. MCA referans tasarimi ilaç verilisi ve ...
  • Saglik Bilgi-Eglence (Infotainment) Terminali

    All-in-one, yatak basucu terminali multimedya içerikli eglence ve iletisim seçenekleri sunarak hastanelerde kalisi daha kolay kilar. Terminal ayni zamanda optimize edilmis bir hastane is akisi çerçevesinde, güvenlikli bir sekilde hasta verilerine erisen hastane personeline profesyonel bir tani araci olarak yardimci olur.
  • Bilgisayarli Hemsire Arabasi

    AMIS hasta bakim sürecini optimize etmek ve mobil bir bakim-noktasi olusturmak üzere üretilmis bütünlesik, bilgisayarli bir hemsire arabasidir. Istasyonla tam olarak bütünlestirilmis bir tasarima sahiptir.
  • Medikal Bilisim Platformlari

    Advantech Tasarim ve Üretim Hizmetleri -- Medikal bilisim grubu, yillarin uzmanligiyla; dünya genelinde medikal ekipman/çözüm üreticilerine; özellestirilmis ve sertifikali medikal bilgisayar sistem ve hizmetleri sunar. Advantech DMS medikal bilisim ekibi, özel arastirma ve gelistirme ekibi, ürün özellestirme becerileri ve ...
  • Medikal Ekran

    PDC serisinde, endoskopi, CT teshisi, X-ray ve PCKS gibi yaygin medikal uygulamalari için yüksek kontrastli LCD içeren ekranlar yer alir. PDC serisi, ek bir IP65 toz geçirmez ön panelle, IPX1 su geçirmez muhafaza ile tasarlanmislardir. PDC serisi, iletisim sirasinda sinyal bozukluklarini azaltmak için bir DVI girise ...